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Your Score: Dr. James Wilson

65% Eccentricity, 25% Confidence, 60% Kindness

Congratulations, you're Dr. James Wilson! You've got the tough role of being the conscience and best friend to Dr. Greg House, which proves that you must be secretly (or openly) insane. You're always a good person for providing advice, witty remarks, free lunches, lectures, and (wanted or unwanted) psychoanalysis. You are about as confident as the average person, but you have some big issues with yourself, and may have problems living up to the ideals you have in your head. You do really care about other people, though, even if you sometimes express that caring by trying to get into their pants.

Link: The House, MD Personality Test written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Holy shit, this makes so much sense. ANNA.
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Summer Work

(I'm sure y'all have heard me rant about this on IRC, but)]

1000 people from 150 different countries
For 2 weeks
Being fed 3 times a day

Gasp, and I work in food services, and once again I have the pleasure of being a dishwasher. Free food is nice, and free caffeinated beverages is excellent, but gor-fucking-ramit, kill me now.

Since work is, normally, only nominally busy, I've been working part time, a few days a week, sometimes less. This has obviously been the cause for much stress/financial worries. As much as I'm stressed to the limit now, cleaning up after all these bloody people pays well, and I've been banking on this period as my primary cash cow for the summer. Granted, and thank heaven for it,most of the meals are "throw away", meaning paper and plastic. Enviromental concerns aside, the sheer workload of feeding (it's not actually a full 1000 each time) that many people and having to was all those dishes is almost, literally, impossible to do and keep people sane. The dinner service alone is probably close to 12,000 pieces of dishware, plates etc, alone.

(The other big hallelujah here is that I work the 9-5 day shift and don't have to do the dinner service- again, most of the meals have been throw away. I nearly broke down and laughed hysterically when I realized that I got off before the dinner service.)

Last week nearly killed me. I'm used to working hard, but even on a slow day, 8 hours in the dishroom is a test of sheer endurance and will. I know I'm not in the best of shape, but geez...at the end of the day my feet hurt so bad it takes I get sharp little pains up my ankle and it takes two hours before I'm able to do more then hobble. All I was looking forward to was Friday night karaoke at the bar where the bf (Porter to you online folks) helps out. A pint of Guinness would make my bloody night.

Turns out the *bleepity bleep* bar didn't have Guinness. >_< I figured that's what I get for ordering a pint on bloody Friday the 13th. Still, I got some beer, and a shot of Jamieson's, and had fun, so the night was still win. Then, just today (Sunday) I was at a barbeque with the bf again, which was a blast, and even got to try illegal Finnish vodka. 50%, 100 proof.

Then I decided to jump in the pool.

There were a couple of little girls there that I was getting along with, and about an hour or two after dinner I decided to splash around in the pool these folks had. Not one of those big ones, just a shallow 4 foot deep, not to terribly long either. I jumped in, knowing it was shallow, and guessing it'd be okay with a cannon ball...curled up, etc, not pencing diving right for the floor or anything. Still a stupid decision, though. I misjudged how shallow it actually was, ended up ramming and wrench my left foot on the floor of the pool. It hurt like a bitch, enough to send me into tears/shock, and as of this writing, still hurts.

What really sucks about this is that I hurt my foot late in the evening, around 7 or so, and I have work tomorrow at 9. There wasn't really any swelling, but I really don't know at this point if I can work like I've been tomorrow. Which, under the circumstances, really sucks. We're busy as hell, they've actually stated they need me because I work well in the dishroom, and we've already had issues with being understaffed. I hope like hell I can work tomorrow, or, at the very least, that it's slow enough that they don't need to call in someone else to cover for me or get strapped for help.

Auuuuuuugh...well, know that I've vented that bit, I'm off to bed, and with any luck, the ankle won't be an issue tomorrow.

*crosses fingers*
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Whee fun

I am also a sucker for the meme.

Also, it's been a while since I posted. I've got a job and a place to live, so yay me.
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Whee fun Illness

So, I've been struggling with a sore throat the past week.

Not so much my throat, really, as my tonsils, and as it turns out I was correct. I was finally pushed to go see the doctor today, which I really should have earlier (Thank goodness for the kind ladies in Student Life).

Said ladies gave me cab fare, with extra in case I needed a prescription. And yeah, I VERY much needed to go. At this point I am/was having trouble speaking, let alone swallowing. I arrived at the walk-in clinic, waited two hours, and got to see a doctor.

I told him what was wrong, my temperature was checked, my ears, and then he looked in my throat. Seriously, his reaction was somewhere along the lines of "Holy shit." (but not literally, obviously). He went "wow" after looking in there for all of a second, and gave me a prescription for antibiotics. Official problem was tonsilitis with a tonsular abcess.

I was very stupid for not listening to earlier advice and getting this checked out earlier. One of the things the doc told me was that untreated, what I had could cause serious problems. Which he *wouldn't* go into detail about. Enough said. He also said I had really high pain tolerance, because the right tonsil was so badly swollen and abcessed. Left was only moderately so, but yeah.

But, lesson learned. I'll be on these antibiotics for about 2 weeks, which is of course when we're starting the main bulk of rehearsals for the play I'm in. As it stands, I'll probably sit through or just watch the rehearsal tomorrow, and I'm gone anyways Saturday, which was another rehearsal time. Ah well.
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Alt-Eisen: Jenn
Ash: (nope, -4, not -5)
Jenn: (for rocket default?)
Ash: *nod*
Jenn: k
* Jenn readies the rocket at a bot and grins nastily.
Jenn: 3d6
* Damn-Bot throws the bones for Jenn (3d6) and gets 3.
Jenn: ....holy SHIT
Ash: (CRIT!)
Derek: (SHITE!)
Jenn: (made that fucking crit, with the DEFAULT, BITCHES)
Jenn: (pass by 10. eat it!)
Alt-Eisen: (You'd better have something cocky and action heroish to say)
Ash: (critical hit table, p. B556)
Martel: (Hoodyhoo! Go Jenn!)
Jenn: "I am harm incarnate sir. You have nothing to worry about."
Alt-Eisen: *explodes fantastically. The three legs fall to the ground, twitching*
Jenn: (wait for it....:D)
Jenn: "Sneak attack, bitch!"

Best frigging game night, evar.
quotes from Schlock Mercenary and Order of the Stick
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The Burqah (If that's how it's spelt)

So, today I wore a burqah.

Most people will probably know what I mean by this, even if it isn't spelt right. Burqahs are those somewhat controversial garments you see a lot of women in the Middle East wearing, the full-body covered dresses. Everything is covered, and your eyes are stuck behind this little screen, which is the only semi-opening on the entire thing.

The reason why I even managed to wear one isn't too complex; there was a 'mission fest' at our school, and one display had a lady who's travelled around the Middle East. She brought a bunch of Pakistani, Arabic, etc clothes with her, including the burqah. She was encouraging people to try them on, and let me borrow the burqah for the afternoon.

The reasons why I did it...well, first off, I was curious. I've never worn anything like that before, and I've heard a lot about it, obviously. Secondly, I love unusual clothing, and most people here at the school are used to me wandering around in medieaval garb now and then.

But why a burqah, really?

I know it's a controversial garment. The burqah has become, for a lot of people, synonymous with female oppression. I had a friend of mine come up to me and ask why I was wearing something that he found "So oppressive", somehow implying that I was supporting that kind of behaviour. I wasn't. To be honest, I initially just thought it was pretty and I enjoyed putting it on. I wasn't trying to support anything, even though I knew what a burqah was for and it's reputation, and I knew exactly what I was doing in wearing it.

As the afternoon progressed, I started to feel a lot more self concious. As I've said, people are used to me wearing weird things. But when I pulled the veil and eye screen over my face, the looks I was getting weren't as casual or as casually amused as they usually are. Most folk, unless they were close friends, didn't recognize me, and I wonder if they were thinking "Why would you want to do that to yourself?"

I don't really know if there's a point to all this. I was experimenting in a way, I *chose* to do it, and quite frankly I enjoyed wearing it. It was a personal thing. But it did make me realize that there is a huge barrier that you create between yourself and the world in putting one of these things on. It's not just a matter of not being able to see one's face, it's conciously making that decision to do so, and you are, in a sense, sealing yourself off. I felt more private, a little safer in a way, but still closed off and seperated from others. When I finally took it off, I even felt a little naked and exposed.

Now, I didn't wear the burqah all that long, only a few hours, and when I was sitting down in class or playing on the computer for a while I kept the veil up. Those things are bloody *hot*. They're gorram stifling at times. If I'd been outside, with the wind and the cold and the snow, it would've been *great*, but inside with the heated building, it was bad at times.

That's about all I got to say. I'm thinking about buying one or making one, for costume purposes, which some people might think of as a little bit strange. Especially since I'm not even Muslim or even all that conservatively Christian. Perhaps I'm treating the subject too lightly. But I like wearing it, or at least wearing a head covering or veil, and that's purely a personal choice I'm making. I'll probably look into it more before actually doing anything, but yeah...
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Nano Section 15

Here's a new chapter, and hopefully this and the next will be fairly amusing. Getting more into Manny's character as well, digging up new secrets, etc...

Oh! Right, I've decided on a way to organize these chapters. Given that the goddess tales and Manny's story are two different narratives, divving things up into 'books'. Makes some sort of sense, goes with a theme present in the whole story, and, heck, it looks cool. ;)

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